Overpowered Furball is Overpowered

A few weeks ago, I stunned everyone in the LOTRO Players News live chat with the news that I, Miss #downwithbears, had rolled my very own baby Beorning. However, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I took the opportunity to play dress-up with the bear! The Beorning body type presents some additional challenges in making sure everything goes together without strange clipping issues, and it wasn’t easy coming up with just the right outfit on a server that isn’t home to my primary cosmetics stash.

I opted for shades of brown, mostly because it lent a more “natural” feel to the overall look, something that would easily blend in with the trees until suddenly there’s a bear! Rawr! Kind of loving the squishy but overpowered furball, though I refuse to equip a bow on her and maintain that the class has plenty of ways to pull stuff without needing to use ranged weapons.

Head: Traveller’s Hood, umber dye (LOTRO Store)
Shoulders: Tactical Westfold Campaign Shoulder Pads, sienna dye (Crafted T7 Light Armour)
Chest: Robe of Anorien Mercy, sienna dye (Epic Story Volume 4 quest reward)
Hands: Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag, umber dye (Dunland quest reward)
Feet: Clanweave Boots, umber dye (Dunland quest reward)
Axe: Tempered Steel Headsman’s Axe of Might (Crafted T2 Weaponsmithing)



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