Sneaky Dwarves

I cannot say enough about how much I love the idea of a dwarf burglar! The backstory for the new dwarf race absolutely justifies the sneakiest of sneaky dwarves, and while a baby burglar is a tiny bit disappointing to play with just one blade (note to SSG: burglars NEED two weapons!), it did not stop me from making my very own new addition to the never-ending list of alts.

It’s always been a little weird to me that the animation for the Knives Out skill doesn’t actually have the character wielding weapons, but it IS a great way to preview those daggers!

I made two versions of the outfit, one with a hooded cloak and one with the hood lowered to show off the hat. My cosmetic slots are keybound for easy costume changes, too, so no flipping open the character panel just to lower the hood indoors.

Super excited to see what happens when we actually get back to Mordor with these dwarves. No spoilers! I did a quick run through my Mordor door, and the sheer amount of shadow on the baby dwarf is daunting. Then again, very fitting for the stout-axes, given everything they’ve been through.

Head: Lesser Voice of the West Hat (dyed Steel Blue), Harndirion barter.
Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders (medium, dyed Steel Blue), high elf starter gear, medium armour class
Back: Plain Cloak OR Plain Hooded Cloak (dyed Gray), basic outfitter
Chest: Nightshade Jacket (dyed Steel Blue), Dunland quest reward
Gloves: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets (dyed Umber), Epic Story Volume 3 quest reward
Feet: Nightshade Boots (dyed Walnut Brown), Dunland quest reward
Daggers: Anghigil, Epic Story Volume 1 quest reward

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